Marcos Farina is a graphic designer & illustrator.

He has a bachellor degree in graphic design from the University of Buenos Aires. Also he studied visual arts, specialised in handmade printing techniques. His interest in handmade printing techniques is manifest in his work, since he applies concepts from silkscreen and woodblock printing into his illustrations.

He works to the publishing world (books, book covers, editorial illustrations, etc.), also for brands, packaging and illustration applied to objects, and he really likes working in pattern design. Simultaneously he likes to work on projects on his own initiative, or researching new techniques that influence his style.

He has taught at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism of the Buenos Aires University since 2005. Nowadays he teaches at Daniel Roldán's chair of illustration.

He likes to solve big concepts through ingenuity, always looking for the simplest and cleanest, with a strong structure.

If you would like to contact him for an illustration project, or if you have any inquiry, you can write to: info@marcosfarina.com




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